Tyler Stuyfzand

DevOps Engineer, Backend Developer


I started at a young age with an interest in computers, worked my way through the basics before moving on to writing and modifying Game Servers in Java. Over the years, I've worked hard and gained experience in Java and PHP, picked up other languages (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Go), and become confident in managing Linux systems and working with computer hardware. I'm always looking for new challenges in developing backend, mission-critical services.




Special Expertise


Professional Experience

  • Devops Engineer, Senior Developer

    Innovative Scaling Technologies, Inc. ▪ Dec '16 - Present

    ▪ Lead developer and architect for various internal and client projects
    ▪ Design software architectures for custom platforms for newspaper/magazine and e-commerce solutions
    ▪ Manage custom Laravel-based environments, both internal and client
    ▪ Maintain active communication with clients including goals, features, and project milestones
    ▪ Linux server administration and management using SSH, Bash, and Docker
    ▪ Develop and maintain platforms serving 20,000+ users a day and millions of page views with an average of five figures of completed e-commerce sales per month

  • Devops Engineer

    KnightSwarm Handelsbolag ▪ Dec '15 - Nov '16

    ▪ Planned, implemented, and supported a custom client e-commerce system
    ▪ Managed servers using Google Cloud Platform, Azure, and Amazon Web Services in addition to designing private cloud solutions for high availability deployments
    ▪ Developed custom in-house tools and solutions for operation critical services including monitoring, alerting, and DNS

  • Owner/Community Leader/Sysadmin

    ProbablyAServer ▪ Feb '11 - Feb '18

    ▪ Manage Linux-based servers for gameservers (TF2, Minecraft, GMod) through virutalization technology
    ▪ Developed custom solutions and internal tools to streamline and automate deployment, maintenance, and administration of distributed services
    ▪ Fostered a safe and inviting community by resolving internal conflicts between members and removed in-game cheaters to encourage fair-play
    ▪ Sponsored e-sports teams and coordinated with external tournament organizers


  • Paste.ee

    June 2012 - Present

    A simple, minimal paste website

    ▪ Unique, built-from-scratch Pastebin-alternative using Laravel framework
    ▪ Developed sophisticated automated workflows to scan and filter abusive content
    ▪ Designed an API to automate creation and management of pastes with a unique, security focused authentication scheme
    ▪ Built to be privacy conscious

  • Astra

    April '17 - Present

    An intuitive, unique chat and voice bot

    ▪ The first voice-controlled bot on the platform
    ▪ Media playback and utility commands
    ▪ Provide real-time status updates for many content creators via Twitch and YouTube utilizing the newest, most efficient APIs
    ▪ Decrease spam through smart moderation tools using various techniques
    ▪ Implement features in the most efficient way possible, utilizing modern software architecture and features

  • Ow-API

    May '17 - Present

    A community-supported Overwatch API

    ▪ Custom version-based API using open source parsers
    ▪ Maintain a cluster for load balancing of parsing and ensuring availability of the service